Frequently asked questions

How Do I get started with the service?

Just send us an email ( Tell us a bit about your office or home – how big, how many people living there, any pets, number of bathrooms/bedrooms, etc. Ask any questions you might have and let us know what you are looking for. Your email will be returned and we will set up a quick in person quote – this will give us an opportunity to give you accurate pricing and tell you a bit more about what Green Sweep can provide.

What geographical area does Green Sweep cover?

We service a wide geographical range – the cities of Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and all areas within a half an hour radius of the tri-cities. We have clients in Rockwood, Puslinch, Erin, Fergus, Elora, Ayr, North Dumphries, etc.

*Please note that a kilometre charge may apply for clients living in rural areas/outside regular service area (tri-cities).

Do I have to book regular appointments?

We try our best to accommodate last-minute requests, but to ensure you can get a “one-off’ appointment, about a week’s notice is helpful. In terms of appointment frequency we are entirely flexible – with some clients booking daily, weekly, biweekly, triweekly, monthly, every 6 weeks, once in a while…etc!

Do you offer carpet cleaning?

Unfortunately we do not offer carpet or upholstery cleaning but are happy to recommend local companies who we have experience doing business with, so feel free to ask!

Do you offer House-Sitting services?

We do provide basic house-sitting/checking services where we can bring in your mail, water plants, check on the interior/exterior of your home and email you a report.

Does your cleaning staff change linens or do laundry?

Many clients leave clean linens out and staff change them as part of a regular clean. Residential clients are billed according to time spent; we can certainly wash, dry, and fold laundry if given specific instructions.

Do you wash the inside of windows, and inside refrigerators?

Yes! All interior windows and sills are washed during a ‘first-time’ cleaning. During regular maintenance cleans, the front/back door windows, bathroom & kitchen windows are washed every time (if accessible).

Inside refrigerator is a ‘deep clean option’ - the bottom portion of our residential checklist (link) shows the “Deep Clean” options we provide; the top portion shows what is included in full house maintenance clean.

Are your staff comfortable having my pet loose in the house while they are cleaning?

We enjoy pets (and children!); however, it is easier and quicker for us to work without having to work around them. If it is at all possible, please give us the time we need to perform our tasks without getting in each other’s way.

What do you do about accessing my home?

We do whatever you are comfortable with. For convenience, many of our clients give us a spare key, which is tagged with a random number (not associated with your home), and used by staff only while cleaning; it is then returned to the main office and kept in a lock-box. Some clients leave a hidden key somewhere which we replace when finished; other clients are home to let staff in.

Will it be the same staff person every time?

We try to keep staffing consistent for clients, but it’s not always possible. All of our employees are part time; many have other jobs and/or children. From our weekly appointment reminders, you will always know ahead of time when staff will arrive. If you have a particular preference you can always let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!

How many cleaning staff will come to clean my home per visit?

From our weekly appointment reminders, you will always know ahead of time what time staff will arrive. Usually if your home takes 4 hours or less to clean, one person will clean your home however staff do often work in pairs so it does depend on the weekly schedule.

Do you offer move-in/out house cleanings? If so what duties do you perform?

Yes we offer move-in/out cleanings. We will high-low dust, wash front and inside cupboards, fridge, microwave (if necessary); thoroughly clean living areas top to bottom, wash all inside windows, sills and baseboards, wipe down walls and doors, vacuum and wash floors so your home is ready to move in to or to sell! A typical move in/move out clean includes everything on the top portion of our residential checklist plus the options you choose on the “Deep Clean” bottom portion.

Green Sweep employees are:

Bonded; covered by appropriate business & WSIB insurance

Registered; have up-to-date criminal reference checks on file

Discreet and professional; have confidentiality agreements on file

Well-trained; held accountable for maintaining company standards and our 100% 24-hour Satisfaction Guarantee

Paid above the industry standard; part of our small-but-growing company’s effort to be socially and environmentally responsible


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